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  • ECG, HEART RATE AND BLOOD PRESSURE: The revolutionary sensors of the Luxe Watch PRO can monitor all your vital signs and sync everything with the smartphone APP.
  • SMART TRAINING ASSISTANT: Record your workouts, create new workout programs and set fitness goals.
  • LUXURIOUS DESIGN: Finally, a luxury looking smartwatch with classic design.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY: The battery of the Luxe Watch PRO can last up to 5 days so you do not need to charge it every night.
  • CALORIE COUNTER: Keep track of every calorie you burn during the day and improve your eating habits.
  • ANSWER CALLS AND RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS: You can answer calls or messages straight from the watch with gestures without having to use your phone at all.
  • ANTI-LOST FEATURE: If you cannot find your phone just use this feature to send an anti-lost alarm and your phone will ring and vibrate so you can locate it easily
  • MULTILANGUAGE: Choose your language for both the smartwatch and the Luxe Watch PRO APP
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What is it?

Are you looking for a luxury smartwatch that not only enhances your look but also keeps an eye on your heart, motivates you to exercise, and helps you to improve your health? Unfortunately, many smartwatches do not necessarily have the look of a fashionable wristwatch because they are equipped with plastic wristbands and other accessories that simply do not look good on your wrist. But now, a new cutting edge smartwatch is here to change that. 
Its called the Luxe Watch PRO. This premium smartwatch is here to fulfill even the most demanding users. It is packed with advanced optical heart sensors that can analyze the irregular heartbeats (Afib) and can take an Electrocardiogram (ECG) in under one minute. This lets the wearer to know about the current state of their health in real time. In top of that, the Luxe Watch PRO looks luxurious on your wrist and the build quality is superb.

What Makes Luxe Watch PRO So Special?

The Luxe Watch PRO has a modern and elegant design and it is made for all ages. The menus are simple and anyone can use it easily. The HD fully touch screen is bright that it can be easily visible on sunlight. You can pair it with your phone (iOS or Android) in seconds and answer calls or messages without having to pull out your phone. It allows you to receive all important notifications from your phone straight on your wrist. It is packed with all the features everyone is looking on a modern smartwatch like counting steps, monitoring your sleep, sedentary warning when you are sitting for long period. It tracks the quality of sleep you had and gives you recommendation how to improve it. Another plus for seniors users of the Luxe Watch PRO is that you can set reminders to take medication and the smartwatch will vibrate to let you know when it is time to take them.
But what makes the Luxe Watch PRO really special is the capability to measure your pulse/heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels in real-time and it can also perform an ECG examination of your heart. The results save on the watch itself and after you can sync all results with the APP or share with your doctor. The Luxe Watch PRO is essentially a premium smartwatch and a specialist health monitoring device in one. The rechargeable 380mAh high capacity battery is enough to power for 5 days operation on a single charge. The several watchfaces of the Luxe Watch PRO will ensure you will never get bored of wearing the same watch. You can choose from traditional analog watchface to more exciting ones instantly.
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Conclusion: Should I Get Luxe Watch PRO?

Absolutely: YES! The Luxe Watch PRO is a cutting edge wearable that will help you keep track of your health 24/7 and has an eye-catching design. If it is your first smartwatch then it will surely be your last. You will never need to get another smartwatch due to the multiple features, interface and long battery life. With the Luxe Watch PRO you can have the power of a phone on your wrist. 

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“Brilliant Watch. Very Accurate Very Good Value…”

“I love the interface of this watch. I am amazed with the cleanliness and the smoothness of the screen. The design and material is very high quality, the fit of the wrist strap is very durable. Another thing that I love is how weightless it is, I do enjoy that I hardly notice that I’m wearing it.

“Sleek and Stylish Smartwatch…”

“The Watch looks nice and luxurious. Bright screen with sharp text so readings are very clear. It’s very easy to pair with Bluetooth Devices using the APP. All the sensors are accurate and it is perfect that you can track all your vital signs in real time. You can see results in the watch itself or by syncing data with the APP.”

“This is My First Smart Watch. Very Impressed…”

“I needed a smart looking watch that has a blood pressure and heartbeat monitor and know this is guidance only but will help, as well as the usual pedometer function. The watch feels solid and well made, the display is extremely clear and easy to read. The app allows you to customize the alerts as you get the notification of caller, Facebook, Instagram and loads of others you can see on the screen. But what is really impressive is the ECG function it has. Under one minute you can perform a cardiogram and see results to the app. This watch is amazing.

Monitor Your Vital Signs in Real Time With This Luxurious and Stylish SmartWatch

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